Become a dreaMer

How does dreaM Endlessly help students make their dreaMs into REALITY?

dreaM Endlessly’s approach is one that is intensive, comprehensive and individualized to meet the needs of each student and parent. As a dreaMer each student is required to participate in every workshop included in their institutes:


  • College/Career Exploration and Development: Assist with self-exploration and career counseling for students planning to enroll in 2yr, 4yr and vocational institutions.
  • Confidence Building: Instill pride, self-assurance and reliance in one’s capabilities to achieve their dreaMs
  • dreaM Achieved: Provide support and resources to those that have completed all institutes and are now enrolled in an educational institution or vocational program.


What is a typical institute like at dreaM Endlessly?

dreaM Endlessly students attend institute workshops and work together in small groups focused on their needs for college/career preparation. In addition, students participate in career counseling where they are advised on how to seek out their dreaMs and obtain them. They also learn how to build their self-confidence, how to complete college/vocational training applications, scholarship resources, and learn about non-traditional resources to assist in obtaining their dreaMs.

 What is an In-house dreaM Advisor?

An In-house dreaM Advisor conducts the institute workshops for dreaM Endlessly students and also individualized advising for each dreaMer. The dreaMers have access to their dreaM Advisor outside of the institute workshops, providing individualized assistance in reaching their dreaMs.

Who May Apply to dreaM Endlessly?

All students living in the Dallas/Fort-Worth  & Chicagoland areas may apply to the complete dreaM Experience. Students must be currently enrolled in 8th grade, at minimum, to participate. 

 If your school or organization is currently not a participant in the dreaM Institutes, but you would like them to be, feel free to contact us.

“Although I was a bit apprehensive about changing anything at first, I see now how much more professional and to the point my essays are. I am grateful for your help, and understand that if I’d have just sent my paper like I originally planned, I might have been forfeiting my chances into my dream school. …thank you so much for your help. I am indebted. :)” -Chanel H. (Accepted into her dreaM school)


“Though the college application process was very stressful, having someone to look over my essays and giving me pointers on what colleges are looking for not only made me less anxious, but was one BIG reason I was accepted into my dreaM school: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.” -Jafara S.

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