Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission statement can be summed up in one word: dreaM

dreaM: Possibilities, Opportunities & Reality

To provide college/career planning and support for all students, parents and educational institutions.

Through a comprehensive consultation approach, our specialized services assist school districts, educational institutions and other entities to improve the academic resources necessary to increase the percentage of low-income, minority and first-generation students that enroll and graduate from vocational schools, colleges and universities across the country. Most importantly, we aim to create a new 21st century generation of young professionals that are poised to successfully become experts in high-growth industries and competitive careers.




Vision Statement

dreaM: Endlessly

Our college/career preparation corporation will be the premier provider of educational resources for all students, particularly those of disadvantaged backgrounds: providing support, guidance/counseling and partnering with educational institutions to increase enrollment and retention rates of minority, low-income and first generation college students across the nation. dreaM Endlessly will increase college acceptance, enrollment and retention through practicum and research of 5% or better in high minority, low socio-economic and metropolitan areas across the United States via satellite locations.  We will provide innovative approaches of outreach through virtual technology to provide services to students in all areas.  Through dreaMing Endlessly, we will create visionary and empowered individuals equipped with the skills and knowledge of their talents to be professional leaders in their community and society as a whole.

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