Our Founding

dreaM Endlessly was founded by Dr. Candice Dawson due to a journey, she herself, was embarking upon and her choosing to dreaM every day. 

“I was a Black woman with a Phd and no job… at least not the job I wanted. It wasn’t until after giving birth to my 2nd child I realized I was giving birth to a new idea. I’ve been helping students transition from high school to college since I was an undergraduate student myself. I’ve been helping them navigate, graduate, find internships and coaching them through job interviews and a ton of other things. It came to me in a dreaM (pun completely intended) and I realized I already had the job, the career I wanted but wasn’t paying attention. So, I decided to use my talents and form a nfp called dreaM Endlessly. While I am still dreaMing myself… I wanted to make sure that other students knew my story of being minority, 1st generation,  overcoming obstacles through all 3 degrees and understood my victories came from me continuing to dreaM. Afterall, the deterimation to reach my educational aspirations is within ME.”-Dr. D.


Through her past experiences working with K-12 and college students, Dr. Dawson noticed a parallel with these students and urban education achievement  as it pertains to higher education. Dr. Dawson has viewed first-hand the extreme spectrum that exists in schools as teachers and school administrators struggle to address the social, emotional and health needs of minority youth. Through these interactions, Dr. Dawson also witnessed the untapped potential and true hidden talent that is present in minority, urban classrooms across America.

As a young researcher that is passionate about advancing higher education for underserved communities, Dr. Dawson’s main goal is to spearhead the urban education movement with innovative theories and best-practices that provide education institutions with the unique expertise to support the needs of today’s minority student population. Reflecting on her own collegiate experiences, she quickly realized the determination to reach my educational aspirations is within ME, as well as, any student wishing to obtain vocational, associates, baccalaureate and higher level degrees to reach their dreaMs.


“… education… it is a process of development—- of growth, and the process, not merely the end result, is important.” -John Dewey

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