OVERcoming Negative Nancy: Removing the inner critic blocking your dreaMs

Many times students lose sight of their dreaMs before they even realize what they are. Allowing the perspectives, stereotypes, and words of others to bring you down before you’ve even begun is certainly not how you are going to achieve anything. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror while in college that I TRULY realized what it would take to overcome not only what others were saying about me, BUT what I was saying about myself.

So how do we OVERcome Negative Nancy? While it may seem that you can’t get all those heart-wrenching, confusing, and just downright mean words out of your head, YOU CAN! You have to start somewhere and that somewhere is with you. Before you can begin to show and tell others your self-worth and value, you have to believe it yourself. Now let’s take this step by step.

  1. Take a small hand-held mirror and look at it.
  2. Allow yourself to feel however you feel about yourself. Think whatever you want to think, whether negative or positive. If you don’t create the space to feel, you won’t know what you need to overcome.
  3. Write down all the negative thoughts you hear in your mind, thoughts about who you are as a person, what your dreaMs and goals are, vocational choice, college choice, EVERYTHING pertaining to your future. Even write down those thoughts waaaaay in the back creeping around your hairline. Write THOSE thoughts down, especially those thoughts.
  4. Now focus on your top 5 of everything you’ve written down.
  5. While focusing on your top 5 negative thoughts, write a countering POSITIVE thought.
  6. Now take out your mirror again and look into it and repeat over and over those countering POSITVE thoughts.
  7. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT… repeat this EVERY DAY until those negative thoughts disappear. If new ones develop, ATTACK them the same way! GET RID of Negative Nancy. I mean, really…she has to go simply because she’s the MAIN thing keeping you from reaching your dreaMs!

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