Dream Endlessly Programs

dreaM Endlessly offers institutes to parents and students in order to prepare both for either a vocational or collegiate journey. dreaM institutes are currently held in the Dallas/Fort-Worth, Chicagoland and surrounding areas. The institutes take place year-round to provide students with the utmost advanced support to be academically successful, as well as, consistent on their path towards their desired career.  We offer support for students beginning in 8th grade and continues through 2 years post-graduation from a vocational program or higher education institution. We are committed to each student for 12 years! To make sure we stay current with the educational trends we attend various conferences each year, American Educational Research Association (AERA) & National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) to name a few.


“College/Vocational training is one vital component to the educational experience.  The vocational component is lacking in many of our middle and high school curriculums.  Exposure to a number of career opportunities is one of the best ways for students to determine their path in life. College exposure seems to be at the forefront of high school curriculum, especially with the implementation of AVID programming in many schools across the US.  However, vocational training must be presented simultaneously so that students can see that college is not the end goal but that their life after college is just as important as their matriculation in college. This is why reaching students early, before high school, is so important. Exposure is key and, frankly, junior or senior year is just too late.”


Adrianne Gilbreath
8th grade counselor
Austin Middle School/ Irving ISD





Parent Institute
*Provide support for parents to be engaged and supportive with their dreaMer
*Parent Savings Plan (PSP)

dreaM Institutes
*Self-confidence building & self-exploration
*Roadmap to your dreaMs
*Career exposure & exploration
*Soft Skills
*Public speaking and communication skill enhancement
*Sharpen critical thinking skills
*Goal setting
*College preparation
*Student Savings Plan (SSP)
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Individual Advising
*College or technical certification portfolio
*Job shadowing/internship placement
dreaM Endlessly Leadership Academy
*Devloping and honing leadership skills 
*Community Relations
*Enhance problem solving skills
*Character education
*Bullying prevention
*Experience various leadership roles
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Scholarship Attainment
*Assistance with researching and applying to schoalrships
*Essay writing and proofreading
*dreaM scholarships

dreaM While You Sleep Housing Scholarship Reception at UIUC                                                                             immanuel

Mentor/Internship Program
*Matched with mentor in prospective career field
*Job shadowing and/or internship with mentor



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