dreaMing Through Scholarship

“I am forever thankful for the dreaM While You Sleep Housing scholarship I have received from dreaM Endlesly. For me, this is more than just a scholarship. While it helps tremendously to remove the financial burden from my family, this scholarship helps to provide me with an opportunity that youth like me don’t normally have. The chance to gain a quality education at a 4 year institution. When I say “youth like me” I am referring to those youth who never were given the opportunity to dream of going to college. Youth who were dismissed by our education system and couldn’t afford to dream. Youth who were told that they were unlikely to become anything more than that of their parents and grandparents. I am one of those youth. I’ve sat in classrooms that limited me and I still dreamed I was limitless. I am beyond grateful to have this new support system along with this scholarship and delighted to begin my college education in the next few days. I will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study Food Science & Human Nutrition.  This major will provide me with all of the coursework I need to apply for dental school. It is my dream and life long goal to become a dentist and work in communities where these services are most needed and often rare. This is my dream and through the DreaM While You Sleep scholarship, I am one leap closer to accomplishing it. Thank you dream Endlessly for selecting me as your scholarship winner and believing in my dreams.” -Claudia R., 2016 dreaM While You Sleep Housing Scholarship Recipient

A Living Dream

“dreaM Endlessly has helped me to forge out my own path to my destiny in life in so many ways. Whether it was helping me find a job, or write an appeal, never once was my self-determination taken away from me. Instead dreaM Endlessly worked to empower me in all of my goals whatever they may be. Every one’s situation is different, but dreaM Endlessly meets you where you are as an individual and works alongside you to ensure that your dreams are literally coming true. There once was a point where I absolutely believed in my mind that I could never return to college because of every barrier imaginable: finances, grades, being a first generation college student. I’d come to believe that college wasn’t an option for me, even though, in my heart, I still wanted to go. dreaM Endlessly helped me to burry every imagined disability, through counseling, encouraging, and sound advice. I was forced to see that sometimes the only barriers before you are the ones you make in your mind. They helped me to realize my true identity and the reality of my goals. There were bumps along the way, but that never stopped dreaM Endlessly from rerouting the path to my destiny, and in this I learned that there is absolutely nothing before me that can keep me from “moving forward”.

Now that I’m at college again and I can hardly believe it, I realize that dreaM Endlessly helped me to see who I really am and what I am capable of when I didn’t even know it. I can hardly believe that I’m back at school sometimes, and every day is truly a miracle. If waking up in the place I thought unattainable wasn’t enough, I got here lacking some serious basic needs, needs I couldn’t even really see because I was just so excited to be back at school. When asked if I needed anything, I admitted some of my needs because of the absolute rush it was getting me back to school—One minute I was staying with my aunt, and the next, I have room and board and a meal plan and there is no way I’m missing anymore days of classes. Imagine my awestruck wonder when I received immeasurably beyond all that I could think, imagine, or ask for. Crowded inside of my room, was everything a college student could ever need and then some. There was no room to walk. The help that I received with my appeal, and actually seeing myself back at school was blessing enough, but dreaM Endlessly took me that step further and made it possible for me to get here and remain here soundly so that I can focus on the work I’m really supposed to be doing. For an entire month, through all of the contacts that dreaM Endlessly sent to me, I received package upon package and reward upon reward to the point that I seriously could not believe my life sometimes. Things that were happening to me because of dreaM Endlessly, just don’t happen to ordinary people. Sometimes I’m still dumbfounded, but now I’m looking forward to all the possibilities before me. Possibilities I never imagined until I got together with dreaM Endlessly, and started dreaming. Never be afraid to dreaM, sometimes, those dreaMs become realities.” -Chanel H., Current dreamer



 dreaMing to Adulthood

“dreaM Endlessly has been a great experience. Throughout the couple of months I’ve been working with my dreaM advisor I’ve become more comfortable with my future. With the help of scheduling and the network connections, I feel an overall improvement!  I have improved not just as a student but, as a responsible adult. I enjoy the program undoubtedly, and am ready to continually grow!” -Nathanial M., Current dreaMer

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